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Modelpreneurs are entrepreneurial, experienced models who own their career by working directly with clients, negotiating the rates and using social media and tech innovations to efficiently and smartly represent themselves.

Modelpreneurs stand for professionalism, responsibility and integrity, while managing themselves and their work on the go. At Finda, we believe they are the models of the future.

Working with a modelpreneur is easy at Finda. Our technology streamlines the model discovery and booking process, making it quicker than ever before to find and book talent for ecommerce, the runway, social media or an advertising campaign – all at just 10% commission.

The same small commission applies to our models as well, so that they can earn more.

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“Fastest model booking yet. It has simplified our process, allowing us to contact models directly and cut costs. The team is young and dynamic, and up to any challenge. Definitely sticking to Finda in the New Year!”

- Maxine Shoes, December 2018

“The Finda platform was such a fast and easy way to find models for my fashion show. The process was so simple and all the models had so much experience and were all extremely professional, I was sincerely impressed. I will definitely be using Finda for my model bookings in the future. ”

- Riona Treacy, February 2019


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