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We believe in Models


FINDA is a transparent and fast way to cast and book professional models directly – all in one place.

We are reimagining the traditional way of booking models, shaping a better, more ethical and efficient solution for the industry.

Why we do what we do

At FINDA, we believe in models.

They are strong, confident, professional, and worth listening to and be inspired by.

That’s why we created a platform where models can work with verified brands and creatives directly in a transparent and efficient way.

Together, we aim to bring about a positive change in the modelling industry, known for its lack of transparency, fairness and professional treatment.

With FINDA, we’re taking a fearless step towards a better future for all models.

The Modelpreneur


There is a new culture spreading amongst young talent. We call it modelpreneurship.

A modelpreneur is an empowered model with an entrepreneurial view, a positive attitude and an informed mind.

The modelpreneur owns his or her career by selecting clients, negotiating fees and taking advantage of social media and technology efficiently.

At FINDA, we offer the support and freedom for our models to become successful modelpreneurs.

Become a Modelpreneur

Become a Modelpreneur



Our forward-thinking clients commit to Professional Model Treatment

Our platform and work ethic is founded on the principles of equality, diversity and respect towards everyone in the fashion industry with special care towards our models.

The FINDA model board has no exclusive agreements with FINDA, no weigh ins and/or guidelines for sizing/dictated measurements. We encourage uniqueness and support individuality amongst our community.

We currently only work with models who are 18 years old and above in an aim to ensure that all decisions are made solely by them. Our platform empowers models to freely negotiate their fees in a simplistic, revolutionary way and applies no pressure to take on jobs.

Through our continuous verification process we try our best to ensure that all clients provide the right working conditions (health and safety), working hours and breaks for our models and celebrate practices against discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace. FINDA operates on continuously evaluating client/model feedback with the aim to quickly spot and investigate wrong behaviour with a zero tolerance policy.

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The Team

Mariya Grinina

CEO & co-founder

As a previous journalist for Monocle and with a passion for research, she co-founded the platform following the discovery of a need for a modern solution to tackle issues of unfairness, mistreatment and lack of transparency in the modelling industry. As a strong advocate for ethical treatment, financial transparency and community empowerment, Mariya continuously works on ways to push these ideas through FINDA’s technology.

Tom Gordon

CTO & co-founder

Tom has worked as a developer in fashion, fintech and education for more than 20 years and was driven to co-found FINDA to improve the modelling industry. He is passionate about continuing to build exciting features for the platform, all in line with FINDA’s mission of transparency and sustainability.

Martine Dyb

Chief Product Officer

Martine has over 15 years of experience in the modelling industry and a background in startup entrepreneurship. She joined FINDA in 2018 motivated to introduce new technology to tackle common problems she experienced as a model.

Adam Thomas

Head of Brand and Partnerships

Most recently Managing Partner at creative and entertainment company Sunshine, Adam has held senior positions working in-house and via agency with Burberry, Saint Laurent, Diesel, Nokia and Skype among others. Combining his experience in luxury, fashion and technology, and access to network of globally known brands and talent at the highest level, he joined FINDA to develop brand and business strategies for success.

Vladislav Solodkiy

Growth Advisor