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Revolutionising the modelling industry with modelpreneurship

I am thrilled to see how models fully own the decision-making power that Finda’s platform offers, along with the opportunity of strong community support and the ability to brand yourself on social media. I am confident this will positively impact the professional relationship between models and brands in the future.

– Mariya Grinina, CEO and founder at Finda

For the Love of (Role) Models

Finda is on a mission to revolutionise the modelling industry, bring greater transparency and personal control, while creating career opportunities and encouraging safer working practices.

Our aim is to change unfairness, mistreatment and non-transparency which occurs daily in the current climate. We believe that ethical treatment and sustainability should apply to every part of a business, from the supply chain to the working conditions for the models representing a brand or product. With this in mind, we aim to transform the landscape and persuade brands to commit to a professional conduct, fair wages and secure environments for all of their models. At the same time, we want to create a world where educated models manage their own decision making as career-focused professionals and role models to younger, aspiring talent.


The culture of modelpreneurship (entrepreneurial modelling) is at the heart of everything Finda does. Modelpreneurship promotes professionalism, responsibility and mutual respect. A modelpreneur is a profession of the digital era, reflecting a proactive and empowered model who owns his or her career by selecting the clients, negotiating the fees and using technology and social media efficiently. Of course, they get it all done by using finda.co to manage the bookings and connect with like-minded community members to learn and develop within the industry.

Our Method

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Transparency Through Technology

We believe in growth and profit, but only as long as we stay true to our core message of transparency. To achieve this, the Finda platform connects models with brands seamlessly without agency favouritism, restricting filters or hidden fees. We encourage models and brands to directly negotiate payment while we remain uninvolved in the process. When agreement has been made, we take a small, fixed commission of 10% from each party. Following the scheduled job, the model invoices herself effortlessly through our app, while the client returns his or her feedback directly; completing our principle of transparency from all parties from beginning to end.

Modelling With Integrity

Every idea which has shaped Finda has come from our models, and we continue to grow thanks to them. We champion individuality, diversity and positive self-image. We believe in the unstoppable, new generation of models who act as modelpreneurs and giving them the tools and freedom to professionally manage themselves. Through our app, models can easily keep track of requests from brands, negotiate fees and confirm jobs on the go. Our direct way of booking without third-party interference celebrates independence, increases decision-making power and grants financial independence which enables models to live better work lives. Regardless if models are part-time students or full-time professionals, our passion lies in helping them to reach their long-term goals of becoming the best version of themselves.

All of our models are committed to the Finda Code of Conduct - guidelines which make them stand out for their professionalism, confidence and positive attitude.

Great Minds Think Alike

We work with brands which share our values. Our forward-thinking clients consider themselves part of our mission to raise the ethical standards in the industry and champion empowered models. By employing good practise when it comes to improving models’ working conditions, brands help young professionals to realise their self worth and gain positive experience, which ultimately contributes to better results for both sides. Being coherent to modern consumers’ desire for sustainability and a shift in mindset post the #MeToo era, our clients act as ethical trendsetters who inspire others while showing that they are serious about improving the industry from within. In other words: they are spreading the Finda message while elevating their business integrity. It’s a win-win in every aspect.

Finda also employs a code of conduct for all of its clients. Read more on our guidelines on professional model treatment below.

Professional Model Treatment

Find(a) Voice

We believe that there is a new wave of confident, positive and optimistic young models with the common goal of succeeding in the industry on their own terms. They not only want to look their best, but also to feel their best. With an aim to gather these powerful individuals under one roof, we founded ‘Finda Voices’. Finda Voices offers a supportive environment between models and provides an opportunity for them to speak up and be heard. This inclusive and unique community facilitates the exchange of experiences, advice and mentorships which boosts confidence, hope and career opportunities. Finda Voices regularly organises meet-ups in London for models to form important bonds and discuss topics such as healthy body ideals, social media management and fair compensation, which benefits them when making decisions in their daily work life.

Simultaneously, Finda consequently gathers feedback and ideas from Finda Voices to keep evolving in line with our models’ lifestyles and work habits. Constantly adjusting our technology to our users’ needs not only makes us more efficient, but also shapes Finda to truly reflect a product created as much by our models and industry supporters as us.

To find out more about Finda Voices and the next meet-up, see below.

Finda VoicesFinda Academy - Coming Soon

The People Behind Finda

Mariya Grinina
CEO & co-founder

As a previous journalist for Monocle and with a passion for research, she co-founded the platform following the discovery of a need for a modern solution to tackle issues of unfairness, mistreatment and lack of transparency in the modelling industry. As a strong advocate for ethical treatment, financial transparency and community empowerment, Mariya continuously works on ways to push these ideas through Finda’s technology.

Tom Gordon
CTO & co-founder

Tom has worked as a developer in fashion, fintech and education for more than 20 years and was driven to co-found Finda to improve the modelling industry. He is passionate about continuing to build exciting features for the platform, all in line with Finda’s mission of transparency and sustainability.

Katharina Khadjavi

Kat has a background in fashion marketing and PR, and was captivated by the transformative and positive impact on the modelling industry which Finda offered. She is excited to work at the intersection of fashion and technology, while shaping a more professional and respectful practice in the way models and brands work together.

Martine Dyb
Head of Product

Martine has over 15 years of experience in the modelling industry and a background in startup entrepreneurship. She joined Finda in 2018 motivated to introduce new technology to tackle common problems she experienced as a model.

Adam Thomas
Head of Business Development

Most recently Managing Partner at creative and entertainment company Sunshine, Adam has held senior positions working in-house and via agency with Burberry, Saint Laurent, Diesel, Nokia and Skype among others. Combining his experience in luxury, fashion and technology, and access to network of globally known brands and talent at the highest level, he joined Finda to develop brand and business strategies for success.